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"...a wistful, lovelorn air to many of her tracks, no doubt inspired by years of living away from home".  

Music OMH

Leigh Franklin - singer, songwriter and musician, Sagittarius, Mummy and hemp butter maker, currently resides in beautiful New Zealand.

Originally trained in improvisation, Leigh has developed a love of acoustic-electro/pop soundscapes and is currently working on production for the second single from a brand new EP. The title track So My Love is out now and you can expect singles to trickle through over the months of 2022 & 2023.

Leigh has also recently co-written and featured on fellow singer songwriter Jason Kerrison’s June 2022  release Someone Should Love You.

Previous releases include album On A Saturday (2013, producer Kiron J, Control Freak Music), EP You See Leaves (2008, producer Kiron J), and EP Something Beautiful (2004).


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